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 The RP drawing contest, thingy...

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The RP drawing contest, thingy... Empty
PostSubject: The RP drawing contest, thingy...   The RP drawing contest, thingy... EmptySun Nov 21, 2010 9:45 am

Ok, it actually is quite simple.

We start a forum RP on this thread, and afterwards the contestants will have to draw a chosen scene from this RP. As artists I assume we can come up with some sort of RP and make art from it. Plus, perhaps souldragon can get some inspiration to get working on something again. Ah well, better hope you guys are able to RP, as RP's are a great source of inspiration.

It is like jamming with a band. One comes up with a basstone, the other plays on top of it, followed by someone else playing the melody, and out of this eventually comes a song. I want every contestant here to archieve this, to make a "song", a piece of art. Literary and drawn, or painted. And to archieve something togheter.

And if we're going to do this the Pen&Paper RPG way, I'll be your GM.

Anyway, good luck.
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The RP drawing contest, thingy...
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